I design experiences.

Cal is a graphic designer and musician based in Orlando, Florida. This website is the online portion of the Call Me Cal 2016 AIGA Spot Showcase.

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Design that sings.

Call Me Cal is a concept based off of Paul Simon's popular hit "Call Me Al". This project combines my love for simplistic design with good jammin' music to provide a memorable way to introduce my brand and portfolio.

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One interactive son-of-a-gun.

Graphic Design

My philosophy is that design should be simple and fun.

Sound Design

I've been making jingles and sounds since I was a kid.

Video Production

My Canon 5D and I are the best of friends.

Web Design

Someone slipped some HTML and Javascript in my drink.

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You can use a can and string, a megaphone or a cell phone. But whatever you do, Call Me Cal.